Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Nong Jaw tract villagers Hsi Hseng township

Political and Economic Crisis Led Hsi Hseng farmers into poverty

“After paying all my debts, I do not have enough to buy rice for...
PDF yoouth

The Abandoned and Deserted Heroes

“I do not feel good to desert and disinherit my child. But I have...
Coal mining project at Wan Kham Nar Mong Kung

The Trouble and Danger of Coal Wastes in Mong Kung

Categories “During the rainy season, the smell from the coal tailings is very bad. It...
Journalist 1

A Determined Gen-Z Shan Woman Journalist with a Heart of Steel [Interview]

It has been almost a year since the military junta staged the coup by...
Military sent force to towndown Taunggyi 17 March 2021

The Unsecured Lives of the Myanmar Civilians

Mg Mg (not official name) is 20 years old and a Taunggyi native. He...
2019 03 11 RCSS Army

RCSS UNDER FIRE: Accusation of aviation fuel transport for the junta

Myanmar Now on January 21 uploaded a piece of news accusing Restoration Council of...
Commander in Chief General Min Aung Hlaing meet with PPST team old picture in 2018

MYANMAR CRISIS AND INTERNATIONAL INACTION: Polarization strengthened after a year of military coup

Even though the Commander-in-Chief General Min Aung Hlaing quite recently sent a letter to...
CSSU leaders

CSSU UNITY PROPOSAL: Shan State’s unity key to establishment of federal democratic constitution

On January 1, Committee for Shan State Unity (CSSU) issued a five-point statement in...
PaO People

Pa-O regions militia groups and Myanmar Military Junta

“This new village does not have electricity. Once his home is done constructing, electricity...

NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: What the people of Burma or Myanmar should aim for 2022

As we enter new year we are forced to reflect on lessons learned during...