Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Stone Sculptors in Mawkmai

The Challenges of Stone Sculptors in Mawkmai During Crisis

A man, wearing a white vet and shabby longyi covered with white powder, is...
Dark Blue Woven Fabric weaving at Langkho

Langkho Symbolic “Dark Blue” Woven Fabric Cultural Extinction Risk

“Because of the deforestation, natural dyeing ingredients are hard to find nowadays. Only three...
Shan State School

The Despairing Stage of Shan State Education under Coup Government

National schools resumed on 1st November 2021 after suspending for almost two years because...
Pang Peg steel mill 1

Military Junta to Revive Taunggyi Dreadful Pang Peg Steel Mill

“If the Pang Peg (Pinpet) steel mill resumes, the locals could face starvation. We...
Mongbye PDF

Unfolding Moebye (Mongbye) youngsters’ thorny road armed revolution

“We never went to war before. We were scared at first, and we had...
IDPs people in Karenni

MYANMAR’S HUMANITARIAN CROSS-BORDER AIDS: An approach to pry open conflict resolution deadlock?

By all accounts the main legitimacy contenders the military coup-maker State Administration Council (SAC),...
38 and 39 ASEAN summits

ASEAN DOWNGRADES MYANMAR PARTICIPATION STATUS: Will the military junta become more reasonable now?

It must have been a rude awakening for the Burmese military coup-maker junta that...
NCA 6 years 15 October 2021

BURMA’S POLITICAL CRISIS AND MEDIATION: Assessing sixth NCA signing anniversary

Ever since the military coup of February 1st an argument has been making the rounds...
Police Car at Taunggyi

JUNTA PEOPLE’S WAR GRAND STRATEGY CRUMBLING:Is Tatmadaw implosion just around the corner?

Recently, Myanmar Now posted an analysis piece on junta people's war strategy which is...
UN Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun

MYANMAR UNITED NATIONS REPRESENTATION ROW: Status quo is the desired interim solution

The recognition of UN representation row between the junta's State Administration Council (SAC) and...