Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Gambling at Langkho 17 May to 17 June

PMF-run Casinos Threaten Southern Shan State Communities

The junta has given the Southern Shan State People's Militia Force (PMF) the green...
Pang Laung

SAC Soldiers Stepped on their Own Landmines and Killed in Panglaung

Two Myanmar military junta soldiers stepped on the landmines set up by themselves and...
SAC soldiers Old picture

Regime Forces Abduct More Villagers From Ywar Ngarn Township

The Burma Army (BA) in civilian clothes forced civilians to their feet while firing...
TYN Kyautme youth kill by TNLA when B A force to use their car

Youths Forced To Drive Soldiers Killed In Northern Shan State Ambush

A prominent Shan youth leader and his friend were hijacked at gunpoint to drive...
Ywar Ngarn

Burma Army Abducts Villagers From Southern Shan State

The Burma Army (BA) has abducted several dozen people after informants led the 100-strong...
Pae Yin Thaung villagers in Ywarngan township Arrested and Killed by SAC 17 April 2022

Pae Yin Thaung villagers in Ywarngan township Arrested and Killed by SAC

Villagers from Pae Yin Thaung village, Ywarngan township, Southern Shan State, have been arrested...
Tong Keng village Tong Lao Mong Kung

One of the Two Men Killed by Landmine While Hunting in Mongkung Township

It is reported that two men from Tong Keng village, Tong Lao tract, Mongkung...
Funeral of Mai Noom Han and his family 9 March 2022

The Unwanted Development of Armed Conflict to Racial Conflict in Shan State

The whole Shan State was shocked about the mass murder of a Ta’ang (Palaung)...
Deadbody of Sai Bee 41 years killing by Burma Soldier at Kyautme 29 March 2022

Man Killed During Interrogation In Kyaukme

A man was killed during interrogation after Burma Army soldiers arrested him following a...
Tungyerng school 3

Primary School In Southern Shan State Destroyed

Shan teachers were surprised to find their school destroyed after the Shan State Progress...