Sunday, August 14, 2022
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The Myanmar Military Junta’s Divide and Rule Tactic

“12 people from each village or ward must be enlisted” quoted by a woman...
IDPs at Moebye 2

The Struggling Life of the IDPs Relocating in the Deep Jungle

A group of people are holding and carrying bags while struggling to walk on...
Hkun Tun Oo

OBITUARY: In memory of the late Hkun Tun Oo

Hkun Tun Oo, also known as Noel and Sao Naing Naing, founder and leader...
Burma Army burning villager house at Ywar Ngarn

Living in Trauma, Danu Region

“Nine villagers from Pae Yin Thaung village, all are Danu tribe, were tortured and...
Deforestation cause of cutting wood at Mong Nai

Unfulfilled Prayers of Mongnai Farmers’ Lives

It is about dawn when everyone is bringing their offerings and heading to the...
A man and woman were injured after stepping on a landmine at Kyautme

The Widespread of Armed Conflict and The Dangers of Landmines

“I passed out after the explosion, and I did not know how long I...

UWSA-RCSS CONFLICT: Pure proxy war or autocracy versus democracy conflict?

On April 5 clashes broke out between the United Wa State Army (UWSA) and...
Funeral of Mai Noom Han and his family 9 March 2022

The Unwanted Development of Armed Conflict to Racial Conflict in Shan State

The whole Shan State was shocked about the mass murder of a Ta’ang (Palaung)...
Keng Taung Electricity generator

The Struggling of Those Whose Businesses Rely on Electricity

“The electricity is cut off very frequently, and it is not fine with our...
PDF at Shan Kayah boarder

Support Us Weaponries, We Will Devote Our Lives To Fight The Junta

“I had gone through a lot when I did my military training for three...