Friday, February 28, 2020
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Gas Pipeline 2

Mega project impacts on life of local people (news feature)

There are full of gun-smoke on other side of Hsipaw town, where...
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Investigation: Shan State’s Pangolins Threatened With Extinction

Shan children in rural communities have long been seen wearing flat, shell-like...
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BILATERAL CEASEFIRE TALKS: Aftermath of the second Kengtung meeting

On September 17, the Northern Alliance – Burma (NA-B) and the National...
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KARENNI LAND CONFISCATION: Government’s land reform amendment and its negative consequences

On August 20,  a 45-page “Federal land administration still a long...
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KAREN MARTYRS’ DAY: Monopoly concept of the term “martyr” by NLD-led government?

Amid official warning from the authorities not to use the term “martyr” in...
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Ex-president pioneer of free press in Burma

 From 1962 up to 2011, Burma or Myanmar was a pariah state in every...
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Malaysian PM speaks for the oppressed Rohingya

Recently on July 26, in an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency in the capital...
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THE SHOWDOWN BEGINS: Constitutional amendment debacles

Following the July 15, 45-member constitutional reform committee submission to the Union Parliament, in...

BURMA’S CIVIL WAR IN ARAKAN:  Achieving military victory through crime against humanity?

Burma or Myanmar ethnic conflict wars are fought by the military or Tatmadaw using...
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Displaced Shan villagers along Shan-Thai border in limbo

The Shan Human Rights Foundation (SHRF) and Shan State Refugee Committee-Thai Border (SSRC-TB) published...