Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Funeral of Mai Noom Han and his family 9 March 2022

The Unwanted Development of Armed Conflict to Racial Conflict in Shan State

The whole Shan State was shocked about the mass murder of a Ta’ang (Palaung)...
Keng Taung Electricity generator

The Struggling of Those Whose Businesses Rely on Electricity

“The electricity is cut off very frequently, and it is not fine with our...
PDF at Shan Kayah boarder

Support Us Weaponries, We Will Devote Our Lives To Fight The Junta

“I had gone through a lot when I did my military training for three...
Gambling at Hsenwe 2

Is Gambling Legally Permitted in Southern Shan State?

In an open big tent, a group of people is paying full attention to...
Fighting at Phaikhun

Would Armed Conflicts Escalate Into Whole Southern Shan State?

It was the noise of helicopter gunships flying over the blue sky, a type...
traditional handcrafted of Mong Kung

The Hard to Revive Shan Traditional Handcraft Products

Myanmar has faced the impact of Covid-19 pandemic during the past two years like...
Cabbage farm at Kalaw

Will They Be Awaken and Overcome the Current Nightmare?

The feeling of the winter season in Shan State is fresh and cool while...
Shan National Day 75

75th SHAN NATIONAL DAY: Shan national identity survival faces uphill battle

On the occasion of Shan National Day diamond jubilee or 75th anniversary, the Shans...
IDPs at Mong Kung 1

The Victims of The So Called “Federalism” Battle-cry

“This is the season of harvesting maze and paddy. Some could not harvest their...
IDPs at Mong Kung

The Struggle of a Full-term Pregnancy Woman IDP in Shan State

“I have never thought that I would have to flee and deliver my baby...