Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Photo Credit to Sai Hsu Harn Loi Hon mountain range post

SHAN-SHAN CONFLICT: Shan inter-ethnic armed conflict averted as Shan youth tries another tactic

To the relief of the Shan people in Kehsi Township, particularly along the Loi...
IDPs at Kehsi

RCSS Calls For Dialogue To End Conflict in Shan State

The Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS), which is embroiled in a conflict with...

Hospitals in Northern Shan State Tell COVID-19 Patients To Stay Home

Hospitals in northern Shan State are turning people away who are infected with COVID-19...
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Civilian Shot During Conflict Between EAOs in Southern Shan State

A farmer was shot in the leg when he was in his paddy field...
Kesi War Victims

IDPs in Southern Shan State Face Dwindling Supplies Amid ‘Third Wave’

Thousands of civilians who sought refuge from fighting between the Restoration Council of Shan...
Kyautmae 1

Fighting Between EAOs Causes Hundreds To Flee Amid Outbreak in Shan State

Over 800 civilians in Kyaukme Township urgently require emergency food rations and other aid...
War Victims reach Kesi 1 July

Villagers Fearful Fighting Between RCSS and SSPP Will Intensify in Southern Shan State

Fighting between warring Shan armies starting over a month ago in southern Shan State...
Covid infection dead body at Hsipaw

Pathogen Spreads in Shan State Under Military Council, Citizens Say

Burma's third wave is spreading quickly across Shan State, approaching nearly a thousand cases...
Namkham protest

Protest Attacked With Explosions in Northern Shan State

Two men on a motorcycle died after attacking a demonstration with explosives in northern...
Namkham Market

TNLA Collects More Taxes From Namkham Market Vendors

Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) soldiers in plainclothes allegedly told market vendors in Namkham...