Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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IDPs from Phaikhun

IDPs Forced to Stop by PNA and Military Junta Soldiers

It is reported that Pa-O National Ary (PNA) and the military junta soldiers did...
Ywarngarn case SHRF statement

Burma Army Killing Civilians In Ywar Ngarn Township

According to a prominent Shan group, the regime murdered 10 civilians in Ywar Ngarn...
The statue of the Virgin Mary and the Catholic church in Tatangku Karenni State destroying by PNOPNA soldiers

PNO/PNA Soldiers Bully Villagers In Southern Shan State

Pa-O National Organisation/Pa-O National Army (PNO/PNA) soldiers allegedly destroyed a Catholic statue and a...

SSPP, RCSS Attending Naypyitaw Peace Talks

Several major Shan armed groups have accepted the regime's invitation to meet in Naypyitaw...
Maw Taung village

TNLA, MDAA Clash With Regime In Muse

On Sunday, two members of the Northern Alliance supported by the People Defence Force...
SAC soldiers Old picture

Regime Forces Abduct More Villagers From Ywar Ngarn Township

The Burma Army (BA) in civilian clothes forced civilians to their feet while firing...
TYN Kyautme youth kill by TNLA when B A force to use their car

Youths Forced To Drive Soldiers Killed In Northern Shan State Ambush

A prominent Shan youth leader and his friend were hijacked at gunpoint to drive...
Ywar Ngarn

Burma Army Abducts Villagers From Southern Shan State

The Burma Army (BA) has abducted several dozen people after informants led the 100-strong...
In February early this year Sai Mg Ngo was hit and killed on the spot by a drunk military junta soldier in Mongsu township Loilem District Southern Shan State

Myanmar Military Junta is Above the Rule of Law

“My husband should not have died. There is no value of a human life,...
Hkun Tun Oo

OBITUARY: In memory of the late Hkun Tun Oo

Hkun Tun Oo, also known as Noel and Sao Naing Naing, founder and leader...