Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Kyautmae 1

Fighting Between EAOs Causes Hundreds To Flee Amid Outbreak in Shan State

Over 800 civilians in Kyaukme Township urgently require emergency food rations and other aid...
War Victims reach Kesi 1 July

Villagers Fearful Fighting Between RCSS and SSPP Will Intensify in Southern Shan State

Fighting between warring Shan armies starting over a month ago in southern Shan State...
Namkham Market

TNLA Collects More Taxes From Namkham Market Vendors

Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) soldiers in plainclothes allegedly told market vendors in Namkham...
KME war victims Photo by Cherry Kham 1

Villagers Weary Of Conflict Between EAOs in Northern Shan State

Villagers are tired of never-ending violence between rival ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) fighting in...
Soldier at Tachileik

Military Occupies Tachileik Monasteries, PMF Forces Leaders To Find Recruits in Northern Shan State

Soldiers are staying in Buddhist monasteries after a police station in Tachileik was bombed...

Home Ministry Investigates SNLD, NLD Member Murdered in Shan State

The Home Ministry sent armed forces to the office of a prominent Shan political...
SSPP at Northern Shan State

SSPP Abducts Civilians Hsipaw Township, Fighting Between Rival Shan EAOs Continues in Southern Shan...

The Shan State Progress Party (SSPP/SSA) abducted four civilians in northern Shan State on...
Tin Myint aka Maw Si NLD MP in Southern Shan State

Military Council Arrests NLD MP in Southern Shan State

The military arrested a prominent National League for Democracy (NLD) MP in southern Shan...
Displace person at Kehsi

Hundreds Displaced By Conflict Between RCSS and SSPP in Southern Shan State

Fighting in southern Shan State has affected hundreds of villagers who had to flee...

Tai Volunteers Deliver Aid To IDPs in Kayah State

Volunteers are risking arrest delivering urgently needed supplies to civilians who fled offensives by...