Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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IDP at Numtu

IDPs Running Out Of Food in Northern Shan State

Over a thousand people uprooted by conflict in northern Shan State require emergency support....

LEGITIMACY QUESTION: Is the military junta SAC legitimate?

It has not yet come to the stage where the United Nations General Assembly...
sharpnel shell explord at Numtu figthing between Ethnic Armed group

Buddhist Monk Injured During Fighting in Northern Shan State

A Buddhist monk was injured by shrapnel when a shell struck a monastery during...
Protest at Taunggyi 23 March

Junta Arrest Taunggyi Residents, Explosions Rock Lashio

Authorities arrested many civilians this week in southern Shan State as Burma's military government...
Military sent force to towndown Taunggyi 17 March 2021

Security Forces Kill 9 Protesters, Injuring Dozens in Shan State

Security forces continued unleashing its wave of violence on protesters, killing and injuring youths...
Loong Soi Lashio Mong Het

Military Shoot Civilian in Northern Shan State, in Southern State Soldiers Occupy Village

Burma Army shot and killed a civilian in northern Shan State and then paid...
Nwang Kio 1

Govt Servants Forced Out of Apartments in Northern Shan State

Health workers who joined the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) against the military regime were...
Numtu Mansam

Clashes Persist Between RCSS and Combined Forces of TNLA, SSPP in Namtu

Fighting continues between ethnic armed organizations in northern Shan State’s Namtu Township as the...
Security Forces Arrest Foreign Photojournalist in Taunggyi

Security Forces Arrest Foreign Photojournalist in Taunggyi

Security forces assaulted and arrested a foreign photojournalist who was taking photos during a...
Protest at northern shan state

Nearly 100 People Seek Refuge From Military Regime in RCSS Territory

Nearly 100 people have sought refuge from the ruling military coup council in territory...