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Mong Yai high school student

COVID-19 Outbreak Affects Northern Shan State Schools

Several dozen students and a teacher tested positive in northern Shan State after the...
Test Covid at Panglaung

14 people tested positive of COVID-19 on Panglaung market day

On October 18, 2021, 14 people were tested positive of COVID-19 at Myoma market...
People crowded without covid awareness in Panglaung market

A crowd is seen in Panglaung market amid COVID-19 outbreak

On October 18, 2021, Panglaung market has been reportedly full of people because of...
Hsi Hseng Hospital

A man died three days after recovering and discharging from the hospital

On October 11, 2021, a man has reportedly died three days after recovering from...
IDPs at Mang Hkar village 29 September 2021

IDPs Struggle With COVID-19 Amid Ration Shortage In Northern Shan State

About half the population of Mang Hkar internally displaced persons (Mang Hkar ) in...
COVID 19 Cluster In IDP Camp In Mongkoe

COVID-19 Cluster In IDP Camp In Mongkoe

An COVID-19 outbreak has spread among residents and volunteers at an internally displaced persons...
IDPs at Marn Hkar Monestry

COVID-19 Overtakes IDP Camp In Kyaukme Township

Almost half of the civilians living as internally displaced persons (IDPs) in a camp...
Mong Ngor IDPs camp

COVID-19 Spreads To IDP Camp In Kyaukme Township

An outbreak was detected in a camp in Kyaukme Township where villagers were displaced...
Hita Cari teaching facility at Lashio

Health Officials Prioritize Testing In Shan State Townships

Fifty Buddhist nuns have tested positive for COVID-19 in an outbreak at a teaching...
IDPs at Mongkung 1

Villagers Fleeing Shan State Fighting Fearful Of COVID-19

Villagers who have fled fighting between rival ethnic Shan ethnic armed organisations (EAOs) are...