Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Na Nan coal mining site

Mining Company Restarts Project In Hsipaw Township

A Mandalay-based conglomerate linked to Burma's military is planning to restart large-scale coal mining...
Hsihseng cultivation

Hsi Hseng paddy growers face an economic lost this year

The paddy growers in Hsi Hseng township, Southern Shan State, experienced a lost mainly...
Tigit Coalmining

Coal Mining Companies Ramp Up Illegal Extractions Amid Protests

Mining companies are using the civil unrest that is breaking out across Burma as...
Nawng Nguen villagers and GAD Authorities discuss about Land 8 January

Farmers Threatened to Accept Deal for Confiscated Land

By- Hseng Hleng The government seized land from farmers in eastern Shan State and threatened...
NumHoo Mongnai 1

Coal Mining in Namzang Would Destroy Water Source in Mongnai, Locals Say

By HSENG LENG / SHAN Locals across two townships are concerned about the environmental impact...
Photo Credit to Sai Oo Kham Nam Salap Flood at Hsenwi

Flooding Damages Homes and Farms in Shan State

By- Sai Hseng Hlaing Flooding caused extensive damage to Nam Salap village, in northern Shan...
1 Hsiseng farmer and government meeting 7 Sep

Hsihseng Farmers Continue to Demand Return of Land Confiscated by Military

Farmers in Hsihseng Township in the Pa-O Self-Administered Zone of Shan State say that...
Keng Taung

Locals Object to Confiscation of Their Land to Build Hydropower Plant Housing

Locals have opposed a move by a construction company to seize more than 250...
Photo by Flooding in Hsipaw Township

Flooding Forces More Than 100 Villagers From Their Homes in Hsipaw

By SAI HSENG HLAING / SHAN More than 100 people in Ner Makhaw village are...
Hsihseng Farmers charged by Burma Army after planting crops on more than 300 acres of farmland

Burma Army Prosecutes More Than 20 Hsihseng Farmers For Trespassing On Their Own Land

The Burma Army has brought trespassing charges against 22 farmers in Hsihseng Township in...