Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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9 12 2019 protest

Shan protested against IFC meeting on its hydro-power dam project on Namtu River

On September 12, some 200 Shan Civil Society Organizations' (CSOs) members staged...
2019 09 12 Tanggyi 1

Locals Protest IFC Meeting in Taunggyi, Citing Hydropower Investments

Hundreds of locals and members of civil society organizations protested a meeting...
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Dozens Evacuated Due to Taunggyi Landslides

Some 50 people have been relocated after heavy rainfall caused multiple landslides...
Pigs at TCL

Pigs Die En Masse in Eastern Shan State

As dead pigs are seen floating down a...
2019 08 02 Mung Nai Frammar 1

Farmers Suffering From Effects of Insecticide in Mongnai Township

‘Chemical insecticides are easy to sell and easy...
2019 06 12 Mong Kung Photo 01

Locals Will Protest Coal Mine in Mongkai If Company Does Not Withdraw

‘If they cannot work in our paddy fields, how will they survive?’ a local...
2019 06 12 Nan Kham Photo

Namkham under Water as Flooding Starts Early This Rainy Season

Residents say the town has experienced serious flooding for each of the past three...
Photo by LK youth Keng Taung Electric factory e1556601154141

Hydropower Fails to Deliver Sufficient Electricity in Shan State: MPs, Locals

‘We have to consider an alternative way of generating electricity,’ says an MP, as...
Mong Nai Wan Yay

Southern Shan State Faces Water Shortage

Nearly 200 families are affected in Mong Nai township alone. Townships throughout southern Shan...
2019 04 23 Ywar Ngun hailstone

Hailstorm Destroys Farms And Damages Homes

“The hailstones were so big they made holes in the rooves of houses,” said...