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SAC Soldiers Forced Male Residents in Prone Position and Searched in Phaikhun

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Fifteen villagers were forced to lie down in a prone position and were investigated by a military battalion deploying into the border of Phaikhun township, Southern Shan State, and Karrenni (Kayah) State.


According to a local witness who anonymously told SHAN that a battalion of Myanmar army came into Hein Dama village, Phaikhun on 12 June and forced the male residents to come out and lie in a prone position on the ground.

“They searched every house which has a male resident and asked the men to come out of the house. About fifteen men came out, and they were forced to lie down on the ground in a prone position. Everyone, young and old, had to do it and they were not allowed to look at the soldiers face. Everyone were searched from head to toes,” the above local witness told SHAN.

Junta soldiers in Phaikhun
Junta soldiers in Phaikhun

While some soldiers were searching the men, the villagers who are passing by were stopped and grouped them in one place. Meanwhile, the other soldiers were firing their guns recklessly into the air to threaten the civilians.

Regarding with this incident, SHAN contacted the KNDF – BO/03 armed force which is active in the area and its spokesperson confirmed that the military junta is targeting the houses which have a male resident.

“All the men were asked to lie down in a prone position, and they were not allowed to look at the soldiers face. If the men moved because the ground is hot, they would be kicked,” the above KNDF – BO/03 spokesperson told SHAN.

It is also reported that clashes could escalate anytime where people are not fleeing such as the eastern part of Phaikhun township, Sin Phyu village, and the areas close to Myanmar military battalion 422.

After facing a great lost during Nyaung Wine clashes in Phaikhun township, the military junta has been re-enforcing its troops into the areas and continuously arresting and torturing the civilians.

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