SAC’s Permit Needed to Operate Pharmacies in Shan – Karenni Borders


The military government instructed that pharmacies operating along the Southern Shan State and Karenni (Kayah State) border would first need to get a license from the military officials in order to run the shops.


According to a resident, only three pharmacy stores are available in Phaikhun township, Southern Shan State, and they are now operating with the permit from the military government.

“Now only three pharmacy stores are available, I mean the ones that are currently operating. All three of them have got permit from the military government in order to run the shop; however, we do not know about the terms of agreement,” a Phaikhun resident told SHAN.

It is reported that pharmacy stores in Phaikhun township must report the inventory list to the military officials, and some of the medicines were confiscated by them.

Additionally, apart from Phaikhun township, Moebye in Southern Shan State and Demoso in Karenni State, where fights between the PDF and the Myanmar military junta intensified, also need military officials permit to operate a pharmacy store.

A Phaikhun PDF expressed his view to SHAN that the restriction was meant to pressure the civilians and to make sure that PDF members do not easily get access to the needed medicines.

“Because of the restriction, our comrades no longer go into the city to buy medicines now. If we do, we are afraid that it would affect the civilians. I think the restriction is to make sure that we do not have access to the necessary medicines and to control the civilians,” a Phaikhun based PDF, an information and communication officer, told SHAN.

Even though the armed conflicts are cooling down on the border of Southern Shan and Kareeni State, shortage of medicines and drugs are reported because of the military check points and products confiscation.

However, the clashes are still reported in Demoso township, Karenni State and People Defense Force (PDF) forces requested donations in order to fulfill the need of weaponry reinforcement, and medicines for the injured comrades.

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