Due to SAC Air Strikes and Shelling, Residents Fled Homes in Phaikhun


On 12 May 2022, Myanmar military junta was bombarding into some of the areas in Phaikhun township, Southern Shan State, and many local residents had to flee their homes.

SAC burn Saung Num Gae village at Phaikhun
SAC burn Saung Num Gae village at Phaikhun

On that day around 4 A.M, gun fights broke out between Myanmar junta army and local PDF and its allies in Htee Yee village, Phaikhun township, Southern Shan State. Because of that, Myanmar army used jet fighters to bombard the areas according to a man who lives in the area.

“We could hear the sound of the gun fight in the early morning 4 A.M coming from the eastern part of the lake. Myanmar junta army used air strikes and artillery shelling, so the local residents had to flee their homes, almost everyone from that village fled,” a male local resident told SHAN.

The fight which started around dawn had been intensified, and the gun fight was still intense the next day 2 P.M and on going.

SHAN reached out to a PDF member who was based in Phaikhun township, and he explained the ground situation of the clash as follows:

“The clash was between our Phaikhun based PDF and Myanmar military junta, and we have not made any official announcement yet about the clash. According to the news from the field, many residents have to flee because of the clash, so our priority for now is to relocate these IDPs to safety first,” a spokesperson from Phaikhun PDF told SHAN.

Additionally, Phaikhun based Myanmar junta army battalion 471 and 336 had been shelling recklessly into all sides, and the houses and properties of villagers from Loi Paung village and Lar Lay village were severely damaged. 

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