Wednesday, December 7, 2022

One PDF killed While SAC Faced Many Casualties during Phaikhun Clash

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On 15 May 2022, a clash between local People Defense Force (PDF) and Myanmar junta army occurred in Phaikhun township, Southern Shan State. One PDF member was killed while military junta faced many casualties. 

PDF Phaikhun
PDF Phaikhun

It is reported that at least 10 military junta soldiers were killed during the fight between the local PDF and Myanmar military junta army.

“We lost one soldier on our PDF side. But we do not know the exact number of casualties from the Myanmar army side – at least 10 of them may have been killed. The PDF comrade who was killed was new to the combat – it was his first clash,” a PDF member who is based in the eastern part of Phaikhun told SHAN.

As of 16 May 2022, tension is very high between the PDF and Myanmar junta army due to the deployment of Myanmar army closer to the PDF bases. 

“Myanmar junta army has deployed its troops in Thaung Poe Kwe village. So, the tension between us is high right now. No clash has been reported yet, but it is very likely that the fight will occur soon,” the above PDF added. 

On 15 May 2022, Myanmar junta used air strike to aid the ground troops. 

Myanmar junta army has been increasing its offensive warfare into the border of Phaikhun and Nyaung Shwe township, Southern Shan State, recently. 

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