Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Myanmar Military Aimlessly Shelling Phaikhun PDF base

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It is reported that Myanmar military junta fired artillery to the location where People Defense Force (PDF) is based at Loi Paw, Phaikhun township, Southern Shan State.

Phaikhun PDF
Phaikhun PDF

The artillery shooting took place on 18 April 2022 around 9 A.M, and it is targeting the PDF force base.

“They shot from the ward administration office around 9 A.M today. They targeted the PDF force base in that area. Big artillery, 120 MM, were shot from the office,” a man who lives in Phaikhun township told SHAN.

The Myanmar military junta was firing at the PDF’s training ceremony about four times using big artillery, and it is yet to confirm if there are any casualties.

“They shot four times. There is no report yet about the detail of the casualties. We are still waiting for the information,” the above Phaikhun man added.

There has not been any gun fights between PDF and Myanmar army recently until 18 April when the Myanmar military started shooting at the PDF base.

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