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IDPs Forced to Stop by PNA and Military Junta Soldiers

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It is reported that Pa-O National Ary (PNA) and the military junta soldiers did not allow the internally displaced people from Phaikhun township, Southern Shan, to relocate to other regions.

IDPs from Phaikhun
IDPs from Phaikhun

The IDPs were stopped by the PNA and military junta security gate located near Loi Tong mountain, Loi Tong village, Nyaung Shwe township, Southern State. 

“Starting from 13 May around 3 P.M, the security forces at the gate did not allow the IDPs to pass through – meaning the IDPs were restricted to relocate to other regions. The IDPs were waiting at the gate for many hours; however, they were not allowed to pass,” the local resident told SHAN.

Due to the armed conflict between the Myanmar junta and people defense force (PDF) in Phaikhun and Nyaung Shwe township, over a hundred of villagers tried to relocate for safety; however, the PNA and Myanmar junta soldiers stopped them to leave the area, forcing them to turn back.

According to an IDP who experienced the incident, the security forces at the gate not only forcing them to go back but also asking them for money.

“The clashes occurred at Htee Yee village and Loi Paung village, so we had to flee. When we arrived at the check point at Loi Tong, the soldiers stopped us. Even though we told them we are IDPs, they did not let us through. They also asked each car which carried us for 1000 or 2000 Kyat and they forced us to turn back,” the above IDP told SHAN.

Since 12 May 2022, the fight between the local PDF and Myanmar junta have been intensified in Phaikhun township. Myanmar junta used air strike and artillery shelling which led to hundreds of villagers being internally displaced. 

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