Monday, December 5, 2022
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Mandalay PDF: Regime Responsible For Nawngkio Conflict

The Mandalay People's Defence Force (PDF) blames the regime for the escalation of fighting in Nawngkio Township after it dispatched many Burma Army (BA)...

Regime Attacks Mandalay PDF

More than ten junta fighters, including an officer, were reportedly killed in an offensive against the Mandalay People's Defence Force (PDF) between Pyin Oo...

Residents Want PDF Out Of Bamauk Villages

Fearing attacks by the Burma Army (BA), villagers are calling on the People's Defence Forces (PDF) to leave their villages in Sagaing Region where...

Locals Fear Fighting In Nawngkio Township

Villagers are afraid of fresh fighting between the Burma Army (BA) and the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) after both armies dispatched troops to...

How the military junta is losing its grip on Myanmar

It has been nearly 20 months since Myanmar’s junta put an end to its country’s fledgling democracy in a dramatic coup that overthrew the...

KIA, PDF Clash With Regime In Mangton

The Burma Army (BA) indiscriminately shelled Mangton (AKA Mantong or Manton) in northern Shan State for two hours on 4 October, where it engaged...

Junta Forces Interrogate Pindaya Civilians About PDF

On Tuesday, the Pa-O People's Militia Force (PMF), Burma Army and Pyusawhtee, which is a civilian reserve force, harassed civilians crossing the Koe Lone...

Fighting Heats Up Between PDF And Regime Across Shan State

Fighting has broken out between the Mandalay People's Defence Force (PDF) and the Burma Army (BA) at two locations in northern Shan State, while...

Mandalay PDF Clashes With Regime Troops

Fighting between the Burma Army (BA) and the Mandalay People's Defence Force (PDF) forced three villages to flee the violence, which lasted for a...

Hundreds Of Junta Soldiers Arrive In Nawngkio Township

The Mandalay People's Defence Force (PDF) and the Burma Army (BA) are battling it out in Nawngkio Township, northern Shan State, after 200 regime...