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Changing Landscape: Imperative of Unity and Alliance for the Shan

Is Shan going off the track? According to Sao Sur Khan Fah, a Shan ruler of the Mao Kingdom, neglecting the creation of one’s...

Myanmar Peace as Federal and Democratic Union Achieve

The persistent conflicts plaguing Myanmar since its independence in 1948 remain unresolved as it fails to address the root cause of the issue. The...

2022 MYANMAR YEAR-END ROUNDUP: No end of civil war in sight

As the year ends, Myanmar or Burma continues to be saddled with ongoing civil war raging across the country and no possibility of changing...

ENDING CIVIL WAR IN MYANMAR: Signatory EAOs’ new mediation initiative

There is no argument that the conflict situation in Myanmar has polarized almost to the point of irreconciliation between the two adversary parties of...