Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Burma Army Continues to Clash with TNLA and SSPP/SSA

The Burma Army has reportedly suffered heavy losses in recent heavy fighting against troops...

SSPP and Burma Army reinforce troops after joint inspection agreement reached

After the two sides reached an agreement last month to hold joint field inspections...

Clashes between TNLA and RCSS continue as talks stall

The Ta’ang National Liberation Army/Palaung State Liberation Front (TNLA/PSLF) and the Restoration Council of...

Army Reinforces Troops near SSPP/SSA’s Loi Say-Loi Leng Base

The Burma Army has dispatched reinforcements to the Loi Say-Loi Leng area in northern...

RCSS/SSA-S and TNLA trade trespassing accusations as clashes continue in northern Shan State

Clashes between the Ta’ang National Liberation Army/Palaung State Liberation Front (TNLA/PSLF) and the Restoration...

Burma Army attacks NCA signatory RCSS/SSA-S in eastern Shan State

A clash between the Burma Army and the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State...

Displaced Ta’ang relocate after Burma Army burns their village—twice

Over 170 civilians resettled to a nearby community on Tuesday after their own village...

SNDP demands release of detainees amidst Shan and Ta’ang clashes

Twenty-three villagers are allegedly missing after over a week of clashes between the Palaung...

Peace committee meeting in Yangon, renewed military offensives and IDP abuse in Shan State

While Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army-North (SSPP/SSA-N) representatives continued meeting with government officials...

Burma Army fires on known IDP site, displacing 2,000

For five hours yesterday, the Burma Army fired long-range mortar shells at a high...