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KIA and Allies Launch Offensive Against Regime Forces in Northern Shan State

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The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and other resistance groups have captured several State Administration Council (SAC) positions in northern Shan State.

Over the weekend, the KIA and others gained control over Ma Peng after attacking the police station, a military outpost, and an SAC camp.

Col Naw Bu, the spokesperson for the KIA and its political wing, the Kachin Independence Organisation, told the media that they and the Arakan Army, People’s Defence Force (PDF), and Kachin People’s Defence Force captured the town on Sunday after launching an attack the day before.

“The Burma army suffered many casualties. But there are also some civilian casualties in Ma Peng. An airstrike damaged two houses, and another home was damaged by artillery shelling.”

A local man knowledgeable about the fighting said that police were detained after they surrendered to the KIA.

On Sunday, the KIA, PDF, and the Burma Students’ Democratic Front (ABSDF) seized the Myoma police station and some of SAC’s bases in the town of Mongmit, located in northern Shan State along the Kachin State border.

Col Naw Bu explained, “As we know, our troops captured some of Burma army camps in Mongmit town yesterday, but I haven’t received details from the frontline about it as there’s no phone connectivity in Mongmit.”

When SHAN asked Col Naw Bu about whether resistance groups have totally controlled Mongmit town, he only said the resistance has taken the police station and some of the regime camps.

ABSDF’s information officer Ar Kar could not provide additional details about the situation on the ground when asked by SHAN.

An SAC Telegram channel reported launching air and artillery attacks on the resistance forces in the town following their success in capturing regime installations in the town. The junta’s Infantry Battalion 223 and 276, Light Infantry Battalion 348, and a strategic command operating under Bhamo-based MOC-21 are based in Mongmit Township.

A man who fled Mongmit town last week said there are some residents who are still trapped in the town while expressing frustrations about being unable to reach them to inquire about their well-being with connectivity down.

“The roads are all closed in the town.”

Despite the presence of civilians in the town, SAC has been bombing it with a jet fighter, and one bombing led to a fire in the market on January 19.

According to the Ta’ang National Liberation Army, which is also fighting SAC in northern Shan State, the regime fired artillery from its 5-mile camp, and some shells landed in Pein Pyit village, killing two civilians and injuring two others. At least four homes were damaged by the shelling.

An SAC column also attacked TNLA troops in the 8-mile area located between Mogok and Mongmit townships. TNLA captured three assault rifles from the Burma army during the clash.

On Sunday, KIA and alliance groups also attacked a regime camp in Man Weing Gyi in Mansi Township in Kachin State. About 200 SAC soldiers eventually surrendered to them.

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