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PNLA Vows to Uprooting Military Dictatorship Efforts

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The Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA) reiterated its unwavering commitment to continue collaborating with various ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) in their efforts to dismantle the military dictatorship.

“We will collaborate with all EAOs to achieve our goals, moving forward with a shared commitment to procedures and policies”, a PNLA member told SHAN.

Since the end of January, when PNLA declared the complete control of Hsihseng by itself and allied forces, there have been near-constant land and air offensives by the Military Council as a desperate effort to retake the town.

On the night of February 2nd, the Junta Air Force conducted an airstrike, causing significant damage to the Zawanar Yarma monastery, a prominent and sacred religious building in Hsihseng.

“The Junta’s intentions are clear: they seek to foster mistrust between the people and PNLA. By portraying the destruction of a building held sacred by the public as a consequence of the EAOs’ revolution, they aim to create a division between us and the public”, a PNLA member said.

Following PNLA’s takeover of Hsihseng, the Military Council implemented a scorched-earth strategy, deliberately destroying surrounding villages. As of February 4th, PNLA reported damage to five monasteries, one chapel, one church, one school, and several residential houses, attributing the destruction to Junta troops.

Based on independent reports gathered by the Shan Herald, two civilians lost their lives, and four others sustained injuries due to the Junta’s shelling, airstrikes, and aerial bombardments.

PNLA has also called upon the entire populace to collaborate in fulfilling their responsibilities to expedite the collective goal of swiftly uprooting the military dictatorship.

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