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MNDAA Declares All Junta’s Administrative Orders Cancelled and Annulled in the newly-restored Kokang Self-administered Zone

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The Kokang armed ethnic organization, the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) has declared the cancellation of all administrative orders issued by the coup State Administration Military Council (SAC) in the Kokang Self-Administered Zone, Shan State.

Two weeks after the commencement of ‘Operation 1027’ by the Three Brotherhood Alliance, of which MNDAA is a member organization, on November 13th, the Military Council declared martial law in Laukkai and Konkyan Townships within the Kokang Self-Administered Zone.

Now the Military Administration Committee of MNDAA has revoked the martial law order previously announced by the Military Council, thus emphasizing the Junta’s loss of overall political authority in northern Shan State and loss of control over important trading routes with China.

The MNDAA has declared the nullification of all orders, statements and martial law regulations issued by both the Military Council and its subordinate Kokang Administrative authorities, encouraging individuals to contact local authorities for any necessary follow-up matters.

People and MNDAA members
People and MNDAA members.

On the evening of January 4th, MNDAA gained full control of the entire Kokang region, as the Regional Operation Command based in Laukkai, the last stronghold of the Military Council in the Kokang Self-Administered Zone, surrendered along with six Brigadier Generals.

As MNDAA takes charge of leading and revitalizing the administrative system in the Kokang region, a directive was issued on January 13th, instructing employees under the Military Council to submit their ranks, responsibilities, and other personal information to the MNDAA by January 31st.

MNDAA also cautioned that employees failing to submit this information before the deadline would bear responsibility for the ensuing consequences. MNDAA troops are currently deployed in both Laukki and Konkyan, as their leaders gear up to launch a new administration body.

In his New Year’s speech, MNDAA commander-in-chief Peng Daxun expressed the intention to restore and rehabilitate the Kokang Self-Administered Zone, designated as Special Region No. 1 in Shan State.

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