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‘No Way Out’ as Thousands of IDPs Flee Clashes in Northern Shan State

With armed conflict on the way to Hsipaw and flooding outside Lashio, the displaced...
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Hundreds of IDPs Seek Refuge in Namtu Township

Amid ongoing clashes between the Tatmadaw and TNLA, more than 500 IDPs are staying...

PRAYING FOR PEACE: Will the Shan Sangha chanting and praying bring peace to Shan...

The blessing and praying ceremony across the whole Shan State was conducted on August...
Mong Yaw fighting AUgust 1

Lashio Locals Flee Clashes Between Tatmadaw, TNLA

People fled after hearing gunfire and after soldiers from both sides reportedly entered their...
Sao Sam Myint SSPP

SSPP/SSA Officer Dies Months After Release From Govt Prison

Friends say that the circumstances around Sao Sam Myint’s death from liver disease have...
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Youth Call on TNLA to Release Namkham Woman

The Namkham Youth Network published a statement calling on the Ta’ang armed group to...
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Gunfire Fight Ensues Between Northern Alliance, Tatmadaw Near Lashio

The clashes took place in Mong Yaw for two hours on Friday morning. Gunfire...
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Civilian Drivers Injured in Shooting on Northern Shan State’s Muse-Kutkai Road

Gunshots were fired by an unknown armed group, leading two drivers to endure injuries...
2018 0 Tai In BBL

Hundreds of Villagers Flee Rising Tension Between RCSS and Northern Alliance in Namtu

Nearly 600 people are displaced after hearing shots fired in the northern Shan State...
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Clashes Intensify Between Burma Army and Northern Alliance in Kutkai Township

The groups have engaged in a series of battles in northern Shan State, with...