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Escalating Clashes Between PNLA and SAC Heighten Tensions in Hsihseng Township

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Fighting between the Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA) and the State Administration Council (SAC) has spread in Hsihseng Township, with clashes extending to Loi Putt village near Hsai Khao village, located within the Pa-O Self-administered Zone.

The PNLA ambushed SAC troops on Tuesday near Hsai Khao, leading to a gunfight until the regime’s troops fled to Loi Putt, where they stole vehicles from villagers to hasten their retreat. Subsequently, SAC launched airstrikes and fired artillery at the village, resulting in the destruction of many homes, as reported by the PNLA. Amid the violence, the Pa-O group captured two People’s Militia Force soldiers under the regime.

An anonymous resident stated that 80 percent of the villagers recently fled due to regime air attacks. He mentioned that both elderly people and children were shocked by the loud explosions caused by the artillery shells. In fact, the blasts were so intense that one senior woman suffered a stroke and died.

Since February 5, SAC’s newly installed artillery units have been shelling the area from the football ground in Aung Thukha Ward of Hsai Khao and between Hsai Khao and Loi Putt.

A 40-year-old local, also requesting anonymity, warned against believing fake news circulating on social media. He emphasized the potential for fighting to spread from Hsihseng to Hsai Khao and advised contacting local volunteers for assistance in leaving the area promptly.

According to the PNLA, they collected the bodies of six enemy soldiers north of Hsihseng along with five assault rifles.

On February 6, two BA soldiers were killed and six were injured after detonating a concealed landmine they planted while collecting water near SAC’s Light Infantry Battalion 423 camp in Hsihseng Township.

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