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TNLA Reveals Conscription System for Towns Under Their Control

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The Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) has announced details of a conscription system that it intends to enforce in towns under its control in Shan State.

TNLA is planning to enforce conscription in towns falling under its control during the ‘Operation 1027’, launched by the Three Brotherhood Alliance, of which TNLA is a member, in northern Shan State. Under this system, every Ta’ang (Palaung) family with two or more healthy sons over the age of 16 would be subject to military service call-up.

A TNLA press officer confirmed to Shan Herald that the recruitment of Ta’ang men aged between 18 and 35 has commenced, with new recruits enlisted under the newly-enforced conscription policy.

Currently in Namhsan, Namtu, Mantong, and Namkham towns, all under TNLA control, the recruitment of young individuals to join TNLA has commenced, with reports indicating that some school-aged children are among the recruits.

When contacted by SHAN on the issue, the TNLA press officer responded that there are no enlistment calls for minors who have not yet reached the age of adulthood.

As per TNLA’s conscription policy, certain households with two sons will be exempted from military service if one son is dedicated to religious life, if his health is compromised, or if he has physical disabilities.

Furthermore, in families with three or more daughters, at least one daughter must serve in the TNLA, unless an exception is granted if one of the daughters holds a position on the central committee of civil organizations, affording them the luxury of exemption from conscription.

TNLA has organized the controlled areas into 7 military regions and 5 administrative districts. It also established 7 brigades, each comprising 5 battalions.

During the peak of ‘Operation 1027’, TNLA successfully seized control of these towns: Namhsan, Namtu, Mantong, Namhkam, Kutkai, Monglon, and Mongngawt, and is currently striving to establish an administration in these areas.

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