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SAC Continues Shelling Hsihseng Town

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Soldiers from the State Administration Council (SAC) have continued raining shells down on the Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA) and other groups in Hsihseng town after the resistance has captured most of the southern Shan State town.

At least seven religious buildings and nearly 50 homes were destroyed in the township sharing the same name as the town. Volunteers said the fighting has displaced at least 40,000 people mainly in Hsihseng town, including some people from Karenni State who had sought shelter in southern Shan State.

SAC and Pa-O National Organisation, now locally called the Pa-O People’s Militia Force, after the group transformed into a militia under the regime, have been attempting to fight their way into Hsihseng town with battles happening daily.

PNLA has been cremating the bodies of fallen enemy soldiers who weren’t taken away by retreating SAC troops. The group has also captured a number of prisoners of war. However, it said it’s keeping them safe, therefore their families don’t need to worry.

On February 11, a regime shell burned down a shop near the Phaya Phyu High School in Aung Chan Tha Ward in Hsihseng town. According to PNLA, regime jet fighters have also dropped 500 lb bombs on the town.

Since fighting has escalated in the area, the Pa-O group have shut down the road between Hsihseng and Hsaik Hkawng. It also closed smaller jungle roads, including between Kakku and Hsihseng road and Nam Tabet road.

According to reports from locals, the regime has installed an artillery unit near Hsai Khao in early February. About 300 enemy soldiers are reportedly sleeping in the Zawtika Rama Buddhist monastery in the village.

With PNLA troops deployed at 13 villages, according to local reports, more fighting is expected in the township. Some of these villages are Hsai khao, Twe Puu, Pyin Thaya, Loi Putt, Ban Kang, Ban Nawng Kar, Kawng Ban Tang, Hsaw Hser, Ban Balan and Htee Bua.

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