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MNDAA Reopens Chinshwehaw Border Trade After Agreement with Junta

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After reaching a deal with the Military Council, the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) has reopened the Chinshwehaw border trade post in Laukkai Township, northern Shan State.

Four meetings were convened between the Junta and MNDAA in Kunming, China, aiming to facilitate the reopening of the Chinshwehaw border trade post in Laukkai Township on the China-Myanmar border, culminating in its reoperation on March 11.

Residents of Chinshwehaw have also confirmed to Shan Herald that the border trade post has indeed reopened, and resumed operations.

Since October 27, when the ‘Operation 1027’ initiated by the Three Brotherhood Alliance, of which MNDAA is a member, commenced, MNDAA successfully gained control over Chinshwehaw.

Four months later, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the Kokang armed-group MNDAA, the border trade post was reopened.

“The documents required for the border trade remain the same as before. Kokang and Bamar personnel collaborate in the office. I am not sure about the negotiation process for the resumption of trade.”, a Chinshwehaw resident told Shan Herald. The Bamar personnel he referred to are officers appointed by the Junta.

MNDAA spokesperson Li Kya Win also confirmed that two border trade posts, Pang Hseng (Kyukoke) in Muse Township and Chinshwehaw in Laukkai Township, both situated within MNDAA-controlled areas along the China-Myanmar border, were reopened on March 11.

Through China’s mediation, from February 29 to March 1, the Junta and the Three Brotherhood Alliance convened for the fourth time in Kunming City, reaching an accord to maintain a ceasefire in northern Shan State, reopen border trade routes, and prioritize stability and peace in the border regions.

There are rumours circulating that the Chinshwehaw border trade post will be jointly managed by MNDAA and the Junta, with the Junta receiving 30 percent of the tax revenue and MNDAA 70 percent, as part of the agreements. However neither side has confirmed nor commented on these claims.

According to Kokang News, on February 27, MNDAA arrested 108 Chinese nationals who were illegally residing in Laukkai Township for their involvement in telecom scams, and handed them over to Chinese authorities.

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