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Junta and Pa-O PMF attack on Hopong–Mongpon road leaves two men wounded

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Two civilians suffered serious gunshot wounds when Burma army and Pa-O People’ Militia Force (Pa-O PMF) troops opened fire on a civilian vehicle on the Hopong–Mongpon road in southern Shan State, according to local sources.

On 21 February, troops from the Burma army and Pa-O PMF opened fire on the civilian vehicle as it was traveling on the Hopong–Mongpon road near the Htam Jarng cave.

“The soldiers shot at the vehicle, and their bullets hit the car and injured two men inside the vehicle. After the shooting, vehicles were trapped on the road for many hours. Around the same time, resistance groups dropped bombs into the compound of LIB-517. I heard that there were some causalities in the drone attack,” the local man, who lives in Mongpon town, told SHAN.

Local people said that many vehicles including trucks were trapped on the vehicle road during the clash in the area. Local people in the area fled the clash and have taken shelter in safer area.

“Some people, who live near the compound of LIB-517, fled to safer areas. Some people have taken shelter in Loilem town. Some people went to other villages. People in Mongpon town are worried about their safety. People have closed their shops in the town. Some big trucks were trapped on the road,” the local man told SHAN.

Local people said that they heard sound of of heavy weapons firing in Mongpon town. The military standoff has continued to escalate between the Burma army and resistance groups at various locations along the Taunggyi–Hopong–Mongpon–Loilem road.

Since 20 February, there have been multiple ground battles between the Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA) and the Burma army and Pa-O PMF in Hopong Township. The Burma army has launched multiple airstrikes in the Township during this period.

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