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Junta and Three Brotherhood Alliance Ceasefire Talks Focused Agreed on Border Trade Taxation Issues

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Further discussions between the Junta and the Three Brotherhood Alliance were conducted in Kunming, aimed at reaffirming the ongoing ceasefire and working out border trade taxation issues hosted and mediated by China.

According to reports, during the March 1- 3rd meeting in Kunming, discussions were primarily centered around border trade taxation issues. However, the Three Brotherhood Alliance refrained from disclosing any details.

According to reports on social media, the Junta acknowledged the territories claimed by the Three Brotherhood Alliance in northern Shan State as belonging to the Alliance.

The Junta also formally recognized the Alliance’s member, the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), as the legitimate governing body of the Kokang region, and committed to safeguarding China’s interests by refraining from actions that could compromise them.

Both sides have agreed not to launch attacks to advance their areas of control, but to maintain the status quo in their respective areas of control. An agreement has also been reached for the Chinshwehaw border trade zone to host joint customs and immigration divisions under the Junta, enabling collaborative efforts in tax collection sectors, as per reports circulating online.

Map: ISP-Myanmar
Map: ISP-Myanmar.

During a press conference on March 4th, Dr. Nyo Twan Awng, the Vice Commander-in-Chief of the Arakan Army (AA), emphasized that despite ongoing discussions between the Junta and the Alliance to preserve a ceasefire in northern Shan State, AA, a member of the Alliance, will not suspend its operations in Rakhine State.

“At the meeting, agreements were indeed reached. However, the current news comprises a blend of truth and rumours, akin to an open secret. The talks concerning border trade issues in northern Shan State solely pertain to AA based in that region and not AA operating in Rakhine State”, he said.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance seized the Junta’s military base near Muse Township’s 105-Mile area adjacent to the China-Myanmar border on December 15th, and currently the Alliance firmly controls the entire 105-Mile trade zone.

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