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PNLA seizes military camp from Burma army in Hopong Township

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The Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA) has seized a military camp from the Burma army in southern Shan State. The camp is located near Loi Woe Tok village in Hopong Township.

On 23 February, a combined force of Burma army and Pa-O People’s Militia Force (Pa-O PMF) troops attacked a PNLA military column traveling in eastern Hopong Township. An armed clash between the Burma army, Pa-O PMF and PNLA ensued.

After the initial clash, the PNLA soldiers proceeded to attack the Burma army military camp near Loi Woe Tok village. The PNLA reported that they seized the military camp from Burma army on 24 February. PNLA soldiers captured a RPG, a pistol, and miscellaneous ammunition and military equipment during the attack on the military camp, according to the PNLA.

Elsewhere in Hopong Township, the Burma army set-up an artillery unit in the area of the Htam Sam Shwedagon pagoda and Htam Sam cave. From this position the Burma army has been attacking Meh Nel mountain and nearby areas with artillery, according to the PNLA.

Hopong Township is one of the three townships in southern Shan State which form the Pa-O Self-administered Zone. The other two townships in the Pa-O Self-administered Zone are Hsihseng Township and Pinlaung Township.

The PNLA statement also urged the Pa-O PMF to abandon its alliance with the military dictatorship, and to join the PNLA in the fight for the freedom of ethnic people.

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