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Regime Continues Attacks in Nawngkio Township

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The Military Council has been deploying drones and using artillery to bomb Nawngkio Township and target Three Brotherhoods Alliance. A woman was injured during the attacks that have damaged or destroyed many homes in the township in northern Shan State.

“Last night, they fired three to four shells and the day before they fired shells throughout the day. Many houses were damaged by the drone bombings,” said a local male source from Nawngkio town. Suspecting that Three Brotherhoods Alliance members are staying at Samma Sel and Thon Sel, he said regime soldiers in Bang Bwe and Ohmma Thee launched the attacks on the villages from June 16-17.

“Many people are terrified to live in their village,” he said, but at the same time, “Burma army soldiers are stopping anyone travelling in the area.” Several weeks ago, the Three Brotherhoods Alliance advised residents of Sesone, Pahak, Chaung Gyi, and about five other villages to seek safety despite no fighting in the area.

Alliance member Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) confirmed the attacks on Samma Sel and Thon Sel in an online report. According to the armed group currently in a ceasefire with the Military Council, the regime shelled Samma Sel 8 times on June 15, drones dropped 4 shells the next day, and there was another drone attack at 3:30 pm on June 17. Altogether between June 1 and 17, the junta fired artillery 42 times and there were 5 drone attacks.

The woman was injured when the military shelled Samma Sel on June 12. She is receiving treatment for the injuries to her legs.

Since violence in the township resumed on the Burmese New Year, locally called Thinngyan, in April, at least 10 people, including five women, have been killed and 15 injured.

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