Monday, December 5, 2022
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Mandalay PDF: Regime Responsible For Nawngkio Conflict

The Mandalay People's Defence Force (PDF) blames the regime for the escalation of fighting in Nawngkio Township after it dispatched many Burma Army (BA)...

Farmers Fear Resurgence Of Violence In Nawngkio

Since the regime and the Mandalay People's Defence Force began deploying more troops in Nawngkio Township, farmers who are at the start of the...

Nawngkio IDPs Running Out Of Food

Nawngkio civilians displaced by fighting between regime soldiers and the People's Defence Forces (PDFs), are in desperate need of more emergency aid during the...

Nawngkio IDPs Urgently Need Aid

Villagers uprooted by recent fighting between the Mandalay People Defence Force (PDF) and the Burma Army (BA) in northern Shan State are receiving only...

Students Suffer Minor Injuries From Explosion In Northern Shan State 

Two students were slightly injured when a bomb exploded in a house near a market in Nawngkio in northern Shan State. According to a volunteer,...

Explosion Targets Nawngkio Education Staff

A bomb blast seriously injured five people attending a meeting at the office of the director of Nawngkio Township Education Department in the town...

Robberies Increase In Shan State After Coup

Masked robbers have looted $56k from a bank in Hsipaw in northern Shan State. Police said they were still investigating and hadn't confirmed whether...

Northern Shan State Hospital Facing Deluge of COVID-19 Cases

By Hseng Leng/SHAN A hospital in a small town in northern Shan State experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases doesn’t have enough beds for all...

Three drivers Test Positive in Northern Shan State

Three truck drivers tested positive for COVID-19 in Burma's northern Shan State. Thaung Tun, from Garuna Social Volunteer Team, told SHAN they're being quarantined...