Monday, October 2, 2023
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Burma Army Seize Three TNLA Camps in Muse

On Wednesday, a Buddhist monk was wounded by shrapnel from a shell fired at Prayer Mountain near Jea Lant village, amidst the ongoing conflict...

Escalating Conflict Forces Civilians to Seek Refuge in Northern Shan State

As fighting continues between various armed groups and the Military Council in northern Shan State, civilians within the conflict zone are seeking refuge from...

Regime’s Landmines Impede Civilians’ Return to Mongpai

The Burma army's troops have remained stationed in civilian wards in Mongpai (aka Mobye) up to the present day and have placed numerous landmines...

Military Council Suffers Many Causalities During Operation Kanaung

The Mandalay People's Defense Force (PDF) and Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) continue to clash with Military Council troops in Mandalay Division and Nawngkio...

TNLA and Military Council Clash in Lashio Township

On Wednesday morning, a clash between troops from the Military Council and the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) broke out near Nawng Morn in...

TNLA Faces Off With Military Council in Jae Lant

Hostilities continue around Jae Lant as the Ta'ang National Liberation Army is facing off against troops from the Military Council in the village in...

Ywangan PDF Clashes With Military Council in Southern Shan State

Ywangan People's Defense Force clashed with patrolling Military Council soldiers who arrived in Ywangan Township in Taunggyi District, located in southern Shan State. . “When a...

Military Council Attacks TNLA Camp in Lashio Township

On Thursday, a combat helicopter belonging to the Burma army attacked a military camp occupied by the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), the armed...

Three Brotherhoods Alliance Meet With Military Council

Representatives of the Military Council recently met with Three Brotherhoods Alliance—Ta'ang National Liberation Army, Arakan Army (AA) and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army—in eastern...

Shan Village Bombed by Military Council’s Jet Fighter

The village of North Salong in Panglaung (aka Pinlaung) Township, Taunggyi District Shan State, was bombed by the air-force. . An officer in charge of the...