Saturday, June 22, 2024

Civilian Crisis Unfolds as Conflict Displaces Thousands in Hsihseng Township

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Over 100,000 people affected by conflict, many hiding in the jungle, sometimes multiple times, desperately need aid in Hsihseng Township, southern Shan State. Approximately, 30,000 are from Karenni State who had to run from regime attacks many times already.

Ma Nang from the Pa’O Youth Organisation (PYO) said those who fled to the jungles need food as they haven’t received any help at all. “They’re not living under proper shelters. With the rainy season coming, they’ll will face many difficulties.” Three babies have already died because there was no healthcare available for them, she said.

A woman displaced from the violence said she and her family fled to Kakku and Hopong areas but the Pa’O People’s Militia Force (PMF) made them go back to their village. The armed group, also known as the Pa’O National Organisation, is fighting under the Military Council against the Pa’O National Liberation Army (PNLA) and other resistance forces.

“We are all afraid to return to our homes because there are still clashes happening in the area. We also fear the PMF soldiers.”

According to the PYO, 69 civilians have been killed and 92 injured during the conflict that started after PMF and regime forces attacked the PNLA in January.

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