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Civilian Crisis Unfolds as Conflict Displaces Thousands in Hsihseng Township

Over 100,000 people affected by conflict, many hiding in the jungle, sometimes multiple times, desperately need aid in Hsihseng Township, southern Shan State. Approximately,...

Escalating Regime Bombardments Worsen Crisis in Southern Shan State

Over 1,000 civilians were displaced in the last week after the Military Council unleashed airstrikes and shelling on Hsihseng, Nyaung Shwe, Hopong, and Panglong...

Military Council Urges Hsihseng Residents to Return

Regime forces wants civilians to return home after recapturing Hsihseng from the resistance, where fighting in the town in the Pa'O Self-Administered Zone has...

Regime Bombardments Kill 66 Civilians in Southern Shan State

Over 66 civilians have been killed and 79 injured by air bombardments by the regime since fighting began in the Pa'O Self-administered Zone in...

Civilian Casualties Rising During Clashes in Southern Shan State

Airstrikes and artillery by the Military Council have resulted in the deaths and injuries of over hundred civilians since fighting broke out between the...

Displaced Pa-O Man Loses Leg to Landmine Near Home in Hsihseng

A man displaced by fighting in southern Shan lost one of his legs when he stepped on a concealed landmine upon returning to his...

Junta Uses Tanks in Hsihseng

The Junta deployed tanks as part of its offensive operation to recapture Hsihseng Township from several resistance groups in southern Shan State. A Pa-O National...

Junta Intensifies Their Battle to Recapture Strategic Shan Town Conflict

The Junta is deploying jet fighters to carry out airstrikes in the intense fighting zones of Hopong and Hsihseng townships in southern Shan State,...

Local Man and Baby Killed by Junta Shelling in Hsihseng Township

On the night of 17 February, two civilians including a six-month old baby were killed by junta shelling in the Pa-O Self-administered Zone in...

Junta Sends More Arms to its Pa-O Militia in Shan State

The Junta's Eastern Command equipped its ally, the Pa-O National Organization (PNO), engaged in combat against resistance forces in Hsihseng and Hopong townships in...