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Fighting Between SSPP And RCSS Resumes In Southern Shan State

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Rival Shan armed groups clashed in Kehsi Township in southern Shan State on Wednesday after fighting had stopped for almost a year.


Locals informed SHAN the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) and the Shan State Progress Party (SSPP) exchanged fire for 20 minutes next to Loi Hung Mountain, located between Pan Haik and Hko Nam Tawng villages in Mong Ye village tract in the morning of 21 September.

SSPP SSA troops 1
SSPP SSA troops.

“There were no civilian casualties, but we’re concerned for our safety. Every time fighting breaks out in our area, residents have to flee their village,” a man living in the township told SHAN, requesting anonymity.

The recent violence began after an RCSS column attacked SSPP soldiers crossing the road between Mong Nawng and Laikha, locals said. SHAN has sought comment from the spokespersons of the two armed groups, but no one has responded.

RCSS SSA troops
RCSS SSA troops.

In 2021, clashes between the RCSS and SSPP began in the township and spread to Mong Kaung (aka Mong Kung) and Laikha townships, displacing some 10,000 villagers, many of whom have still not been able to go home.

Fighting between the SSPP and regime forces has also broken out in Mongmit Township, where the armed groups are facing off after the regime ordered the SSPP to withdraw from the area in northern Shan State last week. According to the SSPP, three columns BA are attacking the camp from different directions. At the time of going to press, SHAN couldn’t determine if there were causalities on either side.

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