Tuesday, April 23, 2024

China Opens Jiegao Border Gate

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Chinese authorities have reopened the Kyin Sang Kyawt border checkpoint on the Burma border on a trial basis until 25 November. If there are no problems, it will remain open after this period.

China Opens Jiegao Border Gate
China Opens Jiegao Border Gate

“It’s likely that the border will be completely opened in the next few days,” said a transport driver who wanted to take things there the day after talking to SHAN. Currently, Burmese vehicles aren’t allowed to enter China, he explained.

”Chinese drivers will come to pick up our exports at the checkpoint. China has protected itself against COVID-19 while Burma hasn’t, which is why they don’t allow Burmese vehicles inside,” he said.

Chinese exports will be brought from Jiegao, a border trade zone in China’s Yunnan Province, to Burma’s Muse by Chinese drivers. The border was closed last spring, when Burma’s last outbreak started.

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