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Hsihseng lockdown

Hsi Hseng Township Semi Lockdown Continues

One more week semi lockdown has been added to Hsi Hseng township, Southern Shan...
Panglaung Semi lockdown checking point in towndown

Lockdown extended in Pinlaung township to contain Covid-19

It is reported that the lockdown will be extended in Pinlaung (Panglaung) township, Southern...
Mong Yai high school student

COVID-19 Outbreak Affects Northern Shan State Schools

Several dozen students and a teacher tested positive in northern Shan State after the...
Test Covid at Panglaung

14 people tested positive of COVID-19 on Panglaung market day

On October 18, 2021, 14 people were tested positive of COVID-19 at Myoma market...
People crowded without covid awareness in Panglaung market

A crowd is seen in Panglaung market amid COVID-19 outbreak

On October 18, 2021, Panglaung market has been reportedly full of people because of...
Hsi Hseng Hospital

A man died three days after recovering and discharging from the hospital

On October 11, 2021, a man has reportedly died three days after recovering from...
IDPs at Mang Hkar village 29 September 2021

IDPs Struggle With COVID-19 Amid Ration Shortage In Northern Shan State

About half the population of Mang Hkar internally displaced persons (Mang Hkar ) in...
COVID 19 Cluster In IDP Camp In Mongkoe

COVID-19 Cluster In IDP Camp In Mongkoe

An COVID-19 outbreak has spread among residents and volunteers at an internally displaced persons...
IDPs at Marn Hkar Monestry

COVID-19 Overtakes IDP Camp In Kyaukme Township

Almost half of the civilians living as internally displaced persons (IDPs) in a camp...
Mong Ngor IDPs camp

COVID-19 Spreads To IDP Camp In Kyaukme Township

An outbreak was detected in a camp in Kyaukme Township where villagers were displaced...