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Escalating Regime Bombardments Worsen Crisis in Southern Shan State

Over 1,000 civilians were displaced in the last week after the Military Council unleashed airstrikes and shelling on Hsihseng, Nyaung Shwe, Hopong, and Panglong...

Four Civilians in Panglong and Paikhun Killed by Regime Attacks

Regime attacks in southern Shan State have resulted in the deaths of four civilians and injuries to nine others. According to a local resident from...

3BHA’s Ceasefire: Unmet Expectations for Lasting Peace

The conflicts between the military junta and allied ethnic groups were supposed to cease following an agreed-upon ceasefire during the third round of China-mediated...

Shelling Injures Child in Mongmit Township

State Administration Council (SAC) shelling injured a child and damaged homes during clashes with the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) in Mongmit Township in...

TNLA Clashes With SAC Near Hsipaw

The State Administration Council (SAC) indiscriminately fired shells following clashes with the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), the armed wing of the Palaung State...

Civilians Bear the Brunt of Shelling in Northern Shan State

A Buddhist monk and a woman were injured from shrapnel from shelling in two villages in Kyaukme Township during fighting in northern Shan State. “A...

Hpakant Shelling Injures Two People

A novice Buddhist monk and a man were wounded by a shrapnel during clashes between the military and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), supported...

Two Women Killed By Shelling In Momauk

Junta shelling killed two women and wounded four others, including a 7th grade student, during fierce fighting in Momauk Township, Kachin State. . ''A shell hit...

One Civilian Killed, Two Injured by the Junta Shelling in Moebye

One civilian was killed, and two more were injured because of the reckless shelling from the military junta forces in Moebye township, Southern Shan...