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Escalating Regime Bombardments Worsen Crisis in Southern Shan State

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Over 1,000 civilians were displaced in the last week after the Military Council unleashed airstrikes and shelling on Hsihseng, Nyaung Shwe, Hopong, and Panglong (ပၢင်လွင်း) Townships in southern Shan State.

The Pa’O Youth Organization (PYO) has reported that over 100 shells were dumped on civilian areas. A person from the youth group said many of the newly displaced are from southern Hsihseng town. Four civilians, including a woman and child, were injured during the recent attacks.

The Pa’O People’s Militia Force and the Burma army attacked the Pa’O National Liberation Army (PNLA) in San Phoo village in Hopong Township on January 21, ending the PNLA’s ceasefire.

Since the fighting began in the Pa’O Self-administered Zone, the regime has fired over 3,000 shells in the four townships. Airstrikes and shelling has killed over 60 people and injured many more.

Over 72,000 people have been forced from their homes, with some people hiding in the jungle and sheltering in caves in dire need of humanitarian aid. The bombardments have destroyed 617 buildings, including 570 homes, 25 religious buildings, 13 schools, 4 bridges, 4 hospitals and clinics, and a market.

The PYO representative has told SHAN that the Burma army is continuing to deploy fresh troops into southern Hsihseng Township, where there are daily clashes.

Currently, in the north of the township, there isn’t any fighting.

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