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Hundreds Killed in Karenni State Since Military Coup

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Over 1,000 people have been killed in Karenni State, embroiled in a civil war, causing the displacement of the majority of its population after the military overthrew the government.

A 47-year-old woman said she and many others fled to southern Shan State after resistance forces launched its 1111 Operation in mid-November. “After resistance groups remove the hidden landmines, I want to return to my home.”

About 50,000 people who have sought refuge in Taunggyi, Aungban, Nyaung Shwe, and Hsihseng townships in southern Shan State for the last six months are struggling to survive. However, the situation still isn’t safe in Karenni State, where some fighting is happening in the capital Loikaw, along the road to Shan State, and in many other areas in both of the states.

According to the civilian watchdog, Progressive Karenni People’s Force, 51 civilians have already been killed by regime shelling, airstrikes, guns, and other ways in Karenni State this year. Between February 1, 2021, when the coup happened, until May 31 of this year, 655 civilians—153 of them were internally displaced from the fighting—and 578 resistance fighters have died.

Additionally, the resistance has clashed with regime troops 1,132 times since taking up arms. The regime has deployed 1,636 airstrikes, and these and artillery and mortar attacks have damaged or destroyed 2,587 houses, 52 religious buildings, 16 clinics and hospitals, and 24 schools.

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