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2018 08 01 Lashio Photo 01

Flooding Displaces More Than 200 People, Damages Paddy Fields in Lashio

Those fleeing rising water levels in northern Shan State are seeking refuge in local...
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Ethnic customary law in the light of land confiscation

On July 17, Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on the government for compensation of...
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Following Heavy Rains, Lashio Man Swept Away in Stream Still Missing

The man had attempted to drive across a bridge inundated with water. A Lashio man...
2018 07 19 Sipaw Photo 03

UNOCHA: More Than 2,800 Displaced in Shan State In 12 Days

The IDPs are from Namtu, Namkham, Kehsi, and Mong Kurng townships.  More than 2,800 people...

Government Forces Search for RCSS/SSA in Central Shan State

Troops reportedly told the Shan army to withdraw to a ‘recognized area’—but Shan soldiers...
Gen Yawd Serk

Gen Yawd Serk: ‘The Peace Process Has Stalled Because of the Tatmadaw’

SHAN speaks to the RCSS/SSA leader about his decision not to attend the third...
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Mong Hpyak Locals to Petition Union Govt to Halt Australian Gold Mining Venture

Eastern Shan State residents have opposed the project since meeting company reps last year,...
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Genetically Modified Organism: Where Myanmar stands

Lately, a piece of news came up in the local press on the much...
Sai Aik Pao

CSSU Chairman Urges Shan Army Leaders to Unify

Amid clashes between Shan armed groups, the coalition head calls on the organizations to...
Sai Wan Sai

Linking Myanmar’s peace process and OBOR

The stagnation of Myanmar's ongoing peace process is well known, which has started out...