Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Non-CDM Teachers Forcing New Enrolled Students to Join Private Tuition

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The Non-CDM teachers from No. 1, High School, Hopong township, Southern Shan State, are forcing the new enrolled students to attend the paid private tuition.


According to the students’ parents, if the new enrolled students from No.1 High School, Hopong, are not joining the private tuition, they will not be allowed to enter into the classrooms.

A Hopong resident told SHAN that starting from 2 June 2022, the new enrolled students are asked to join the private tuition classes, and that they will have to pay 20,000 Kyat monthly. The students from kindergarten to high school grade must take extra private tuition classes.

“Students will not be enrolled if they are not joining the extra private tuition. Teachers ask students if they will join private tuition during enrollment process. If no, then students will not be allowed to enter into the classrooms, and they will not accept enrollment,” a student parents who went to enroll their child told SHAN.

Hopong Township
Hopong Township

During this difficult time, it is not easy for parents to let their children join the private tuition and pay 20,000 Kyat monthly.

“This is a very difficult time for everyone to survive. Right now, the private tuition is a must and they do not even ask if we can afford to pay. They force us to pay for the private tuition,” the above student parents added.

Currently, it is reported that teachers are not enough at the government school, No.1 Hight School, Hopong township. In the past, there were three classrooms for kindergarten, and students are packed into one big classroom now. To fill up the vacancies, teachers from the military army are requested according to a anonymous woman who lives in Hopong.

“Teachers are not sufficient at the school. There are teachers from the military army being replaced the CDM teachers. They will not teach the students well. Hundreds of students in one classroom, and teachers are not enough to pay full attention to all students,” the above anonymous woman told SHAN.

Since after the military coup, the young people in Hopong township are protesting against the military junta, and even though schools are reopening, many teachers are participating in the civil disobedience movement (CDM).

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