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One Civilian Killed, Two Injured by the Junta Shelling in Moebye

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One civilian was killed, and two more were injured because of the reckless shelling from the military junta forces in Moebye township, Southern Shan State.


According to a resident, on 7 June 2022 around 7 A.M, Myanmar military junta started shelling recklessly into where people live, and one man from the Moebye, Zay Kone village was killed and two others were injured.

“One was killed, and two were injured. The one who was killed is a man from Zay Kone village. They (SAC) forces fired shelling to everywhere, we are not safe anywhere, and the shelling is still ongoing,” the above resident quoted.

A civilian was injured from military junta shelling
A civilian was injured from military junta shelling

The SAC soldiers are firing their weapons from Nyaung Wine village into where people are living, and the residents are now packing so that they can flee from the area whenever needed.

“Some are now preparing to flee. No one is leaving from the area yet for now. The bullets are coming from everywhere. People Defense Force (PDF) is trying its best to inform the locals to relocate to a safe place,” the above resident added.

When SHAN contacted the local PDF force regarding the current situation in the area, it has been confirmed that clashes between the Myanmar army and local PDF occurred but declined to explain the detail situation on the ground.

Civilian property damaged by military junta shelling
Civilian property damaged by military junta shelling

“It’s confirmed that clashes occurred. The gun fight is still ongoing on the ground, it is not convenient to make a detail report at this time. One thing I would like to tell the residents is that please try to move to a safe place as of now,” one local PDF member told SHAN.

Moebye Rescue Team also reminded the residents not to leave their home, and that if they are injured, they can contact the team for help.

KNDF also announced that the Myanmar military junta is deploying more troops into Phaikhun township, Loikaw township, and Demawso township.

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