Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Hsi Hseng Township Residents’ Difficulties to Live with Both PNO and PDF

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It is reported that civilians in Hsi Hseng township, Southern Shan State, are having a hard time living in the areas where military-backed Pa-O National Organization (PNO) and People Defense Force (PDF) are active.


Recently, PNO has been enlisting young people in Hsi Hseng township, and they planned to wrap up by 27 June 2022. Meanwhile, the civilians are worried that PDF will attack them if they join PNO.

“If we are joining and supporting PNO, it is the same as supporting our enemy. If we do not do so, we are now living in the areas where PNO is controlling. We are afraid that they might do something to us. Meanwhile, if we do so, we have to be afraid of the PDF. Either way, we are in a difficult situation,” a man who lives in Hsi Hseng told SHAN.

PNO holds a meeting
PNO holds a meeting

According to the report, each village in Hsi Hseng township must send 20 young men, and each home must pay 30,000 Kyat, and about 1.5 kilos of rice to PNO.

This kind of incident is very new to Hsi Hseng residents, and this is the first time for them.

“If it is possible, we do not want to give money, rice, and people. We have never experienced this before. This is the first time we young people are experiencing this incident. If we join PNO, give them money and rice, it is like we are supporting our enemy,” a young Hsi Hseng resident told SHAN.

After the coup, starting from May 2022, PNO has been enlisting new recruits and demanding money from Hsi Hseng township, Panglaung township, and Ho Pone township including some areas around Taunggyi District.

The reason for doing this is to support the Myanmar military junta in order to tighten the security in the areas.

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