Hopang Farmers Protest Land Seizures


Farmers are protesting plans by the junta-appointed Shan State Forest Department to seize farmland for the construction of a government office in Mong Pang ward, Hopang Township, in Wa Self-Administered Division.


“They want to seize over 30 acres of farmland that we’ve owned for many years, but we refuse to accept it. No one will accept that,” a Shan man from Hopang, who asked that his name remain confidential, told SHAN.

Another anonymous man said: ”If we don’t resist, they’ll probably continue to seize farmland in other areas of Hopang.”

Hopang people protest against local authority grabbing their farmland
Hopang people protest against local authority grabbing their farmland

United Wa State Army spokesperson Nyi Rang told SHAN that Hopang Township isn’t under their control. “This is a matter for the Wa Self-Administered Division government, it’s none of our business.”

SHAN hasn’t been able to reach anyone from the government in the area.

The majority in Hopang Township are Shan farmers who grow maize, peas and sugarcane. If they lose their land, they lose their livelihoods and have no way to feed their families.

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