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Fighting Prevents Panglaung Villagers From Going Home

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Fighting has stopped residents of Panglaung from returning to their homes after heavy battles broke out between the military and the People’s Defence Force (PDF) in the township located in Taunggyi District, southern Shan State.


On 24 February, the military shelled the area indiscriminately with artillery during fierce fighting with the PDF, killing one woman and causing civilians from Tawng Salon, Myauk Salon and Tawng Mae Ting to seek shelter.

“Some of the villagers have taken shelter with their relatives or in other villages, while others have gone to town. As everyone is afraid to return to their villages, they are waiting for the next one to two weeks to see what happens,” said a local activist who wished to remain anonymous. He said that some staying in a Buddhist monastery need basic food.

Meanwhile, fighting between the groups continues to escalate in the township.

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