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Pangsang bomb blast kills and injures dozens of people

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Bomb blast in Pangsang deadly killed and injured at least 30 people include women and children.


On Wednesday 30, 2022, the blast took place in the morning at the car parking in front of noodle shop and nearby by the TNLA liaison office, in Pangsang.

“The explosion occurred at the car parking nearby noodle shop. It was the time people crowded at noodle shop. That’s why many people were killed and injured”, a source told SHAN.

Explosion in Pangsang township under UWSA control territory
Explosion in Pangsang township under UWSA control territory.

After explosion, the injured people were sent to local hospital. A local source told SHAN that at least 30 people killed and injured. However, he could not verify the exact number of people have been killed and injured.

SHAN reporter tried to reach UWSA spokesperson for comment but could not be reached.

No group has claimed responsibility for the unusual bomb blast at the head quarter and stronghold of the UWSA.

A local source told SHAN that after explosion, the UWSA force tighten security in Pangsang township.

Pangsang township is the capital of the Wa Self-Administered Division of Shan State and fully controlled by the strongest ethnic armed group, UWSA.

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