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Momauk Conflict Prevents Hundreds From Returning Home

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With Burma Army (BA) soldiers staying in villages in Momauk Township, hundreds of civilians displaced by the fighting are still unable to return to their homes in Kachin State.


Although clashes between the BA and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), which are supported by the People’s Defence Force, have temporarily stopped at Lon Ja Mountain, 600 villagers have been trapped at Chan Myae and Lawkamarazein Buddhist monasteries since 20 October.

IDPs having food at the shelter
IDPs having food at the shelter.

Regime shelling during the conflict has killed two women and injured four, who’re still in hospital.

“The clashes can flare up again at any time,” said a male volunteer helping the villagers, told SHAN on condition of anonymity fearing reprisals. Although they’re afraid to sleep in their villages, some people have returned to their farms during the day, he said.

“If they don’t harvest their rice, they won’t have anything to eat next year,” the volunteer said, explaining that their cattle have been left to roam and are eating all their crops.

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