Child Wounded By Shelling In Kutkai Township


A three-year-old boy was seriously injured by shrapnel after a shell hit a house during fighting between the Burma Army (BA) and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in northern Shan State.


Shells landed in Mang Nawng when clashes broke out between the village and Nam Par Kee on 25 July, reported an anonymous woman from the village. Both villages are located at the foot of Loi Sam Sip Mountain in Kutkai Township.

The boy is in critical condition and is being treated for his head injuries at Kuktai Public Hospital.

A child wounded by shelling in Kutkai township Shan State
A child wounded by shelling in Kutkai township Shan State

According to another source who spoke to SHAN on condition of anonymity, BA reinforcements were sent after the violence.

“There are many soldiers in Mang Nawng and along the road. Villagers are afraid to leave,” he said.

The man expects more causalities on both sides. Ambulances have been brought to the area where the fighting is taking place.

At the time of press, SHAN couldn’t determine how many people have been killed or injured.

Fighting between Kachin resistance groups and BA has been frequent in the township throughout July.

Last week a 12-year-old was killed and another civilian injured by gunfire during clashes in Mongmit Township (also called Moe Meik) after the KIA and the People’s Defence Force (PDF) ambushed about 80 BA soldiers.

“The fighting lasted for almost two hours. BA, KIA and PDF all suffered casualties during the clashes,” a local source said.

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