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About 2,000 Karenni IDPs in Palaung township Return Homes

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It is reported that about 2,000 IDPs from Karenni (Kayah State) who were relocated in Panglaung township, Southern Shan State, have returned home recently.

Panglaung IDPs
Panglaung IDPs

Starting from this February 2022, some IDPs in Panglaung township started to return homes where the gun fight has ceased.

“Those who live in the areas where conflict stopped have returned. Those who live in the areas where the flight is still ongoing remain. Those who remain said that they will assess the situation the coming month and decide whether it is safe to go back,” a woman who is helping the IDPs in Panglaung told SHAN.

Totally about 7,000 IDPs from Karenni (Kayah State) were relocated in Panglaung township, and about 5,000 of them have yet to return home the woman added.

According to the residents, those IDPs are staying at the monasteries compound and relatives houses in the villages in Panglaung township, and some of them have faced shortage of food.

“The IDPs are staying at the monasteries, and some are moving in with their relatives while some are renting houses to live temporarily. Some received donations from outside, and some places still have food shortage problem,” the above woman who is volunteering to assist the IDPs told SHAN.

Since early January 2022, the gun fight between Myanmar army and local PDF has been severe in Loikaw, Karenni (Kayah State) and other surrounded villages.

As a consequence, it has been a month that thousands of people were taking refuge at the nearby townships such as Hsi Hseng, Taunggyi, Nyaung Shwe, Pindaya, and Panglaung.

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