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IDPs without Covid-19 test proof Not Allowed Entry to Panglaung township

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It is reported that the IDPs, who do not have a Covid-19 test result, would not be allowed entry to the camp in Panglaung township, Southern Shan State.

IDPs at Panglaung
IDPs at Panglaung

Due to the intense gun fight between the Myanmar junta army and People Defense Force (PDF) in Karreni (Kayah State), about 5,000 people have been internally displaced – some of those where conflict is no longer active have returned.

Some of those who returned have to flee again because the fight has been escalating in the area according to a 35 years old woman who lives in Panglaung.

The woman quoted, “One of the current difficulties for the IDPs is that they can no longer enter into the village unless they have a proof of Covid-19 negative test result. It is not like in the past.”

Currently, there are sick people among the IDPs and they must get Covid-19 test before entering into the relocated areas. In some cases, the IDPs are not allowed entry even after having the Covid-19 test.

Most of the IDPs are the people from the Demosoe town and Nam Mae Khong village and its surrounding areas. They are trying to seek refuge at their relative houses and monasteries in Panglaung township, Southern Shan State.

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